Part 1 – by Irma Taylor

As I look at what is happening in “America” today, I see protests occurring for my ancestor’s descendants who are still being wronged.

Ironically, those who came to this land in conquest of seeking religious freedoms, were protesters themselves. Arguing for their rights to worship as they saw fit without persecution. Then those new arrivals began abusing and mistreating the indigenous people on their own land. They did the same thing they pretended to hate.

The indigenous people sought to live at peace and harmony with the land, respecting the Earth by not taking more from it than they needed.

The illegal aliens called them savages in selfish efforts to justify their continual sins against the indigenous people. In fits of endless greed, they sought out others to build and cultivate their stolen land. Without wages or civility, slavery on this soil was born, lasting several generations.

Neither race (Indigenous people/African descendants) has fully recovered from the crimes of the invaders, looters, rapists, thieves, and murderers.

Now God has brought us ALL to 2020. Not just this country, but the entire world is seeing upheaval. He has brought us ALL to the year where vision clearly shows everyone the sins of greed that have settled into the fabric of human societies touching every continent.

That soiled fabric is now ready to be torn and replaced with a new framework of human decency. We must unceasingly pray for God’s protection over those protesting for what is just and what is right for nations all over the planet. We must pray for Him to renew their efforts with tenacity, focus, faith, and strength all over this world.

My great-great grandparents are watching.

The two photos are of my great-great grandparents. Both lost their original identities and family names due to invasions of this land and other lands. They are both long at rest now.