Irma Taylor with Family

Covid-19 virus is a self-mutating entity which constantly evolves and adapts in order to retain and protect its integrity and its mission as a destroyer. It cares not about race, gender, sexual orientation, age, faith, education, social status, or any other affiliation one may have. It remembers what it is. A dangerously infectious pathogen designed to contaminate.

All folks, especially creative people, must also remind themselves to be developmentally flexible and focused at this time by being committed to who they are. This is necessary to protect one’s own mental and moral soundness. Whatever passions and skills we possess must still be sharpened  and practiced to the best of our abilities in these troublesome times.

Looking 20-30 years ahead during  a pandemic can be a dubious act. This virus has put our lives in high upheaval, and placed us all in a one-of-a-kind disruptiveness. One of our critical lines of defense is short-term, ONE DAY AT A TIME living. This is our daily bread. We should not cause ourselves to suffer from anxiety by looking too far down the road.

Also, let us not waste precious time going dormant. Be positively distracted from this temporary destruction of life as we have known it. If we can learn something new, we must do that. Write a poem. Create a new dish.

To all folks, let’s physically modify our actions so that we can mentally prevail over Covid-19. Artists, give birth to a new creative work that lies within you. Let’s get going and remember who we are and whose we are.

Be Safe,

Irma M. Taylor

Just Another Idea Production Company