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Willie Miller, aka Optimus Rhyme CoolchillWill, is a native of Spartanburg, SC. He is an independent songwriter looking to be signed with a major recording label. His first song (Racism is wack, I'm not Down with That) was published in 1989, followed by his album (Laying the Smackdown on the Devil) which was produced by [...]

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Let’s Get Going

Covid-19 virus is a self-mutating entity which constantly evolves and adapts in order to retain and protect its integrity and its mission as a destroyer. It cares not about race, gender, sexual orientation, age, faith, education, social status, or any other affiliation one may have. It remembers what it is. A dangerously infectious [...]

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Author Darren Swart- Creative Writing Process

The Tao of Creativity I was asked recently to describe my creative process. Surprisingly, I found it easier than I thought it would be, mainly because I used the process to write this piece. Let me begin with, if you were to ask fifty different writers the same question, you would get fifty different [...]

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Jem Scott-Emuakpor – The Process of Writing

Jem Scott-Emuakpor Novelist Jem Scott-Emuakpor Speaking on The Process of Writing Author of “Queen of Zazzau” Excerpt from book “The odor growing stronger as we neared, stoked revulsion in me. Its sharp taste constricted my throat. “Bodies.” Jarma turned to me. She was my personal guard and companion. “The [...]

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